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Trisha Baum, 38, of Mount Laurel, Founder of Hand ‘n’ Heart Inc.

A stay-at-home mother of two boys, Trisha Baum started Hand ‘n’ Heart as a homeless outreach to provide for those in need or struggling with mental health issues and addiction in the Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia where she was raised. Recognized with nonprofit status this summer, the organization is expanding to provide a variety of community needs with the help of volunteers and donors.

On community involvement: I am focused on achieving my dreams and goals for Hand ‘n’ Heart Inc. by helping individuals in need. I don’t want anyone to get turned away when they ask for help. Whether they need helping finding a bed in rehab, a backpack, school supplies, clothing, care package or just to talk, I want to make sure they get it.

A proud moment: I received a nice surprise Aug. 10 when Fox 29 showed up at my door step awarding me for my selfless acts to help those in need, although (I’m) a busy mother of two boys — Logan, 3, and Brandon, 6. I wouldn’t change it for the world, and I am thankful for being nominated by a wonderful person I met named Debbie who lives in my community. I have met some amazing kindhearted people during this journey.

On leadership: Do what your most passionate about, don’t let anything stop you and with the right mindset you can achieve your dreams and goals.

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